Idle-Hour Ranch has been blessed by many faithful supporters- several have requested an easy way to donate to the well-being of IHR's animals- so here it is, the simplest method we know of is online donations to the Ranch.  Major charge cards are also welcomed and accepted.  Please feel free to donate and remember, no amount is too small.  Thank you for your support of the Ranch, it is with your encouragement, that we are able to support our causes.
Paypal Donation Option
Please click on the Paypal button, and then type in the amount you wish to contribute, in order to make an immediate donation to the care of IHR's animals.
Thank you so much for your support; it is greatly appreciated!
The Needs of IHR:
Providing sanctuary for two hundred animals, while enjoyable, is still very costly and, unfortunately, often exceeds the generous funds contributed by our patrons. The following list contains items needed by IHR to function on a daily basis:

Bagged shavings (low-to-no-dust) - used for bedding various shelters including kangaroo, horses, 

Small pickup truck - to haul feed and hay for the animals