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  1. We had one of the best days ever at this venue..The owner shared so many awesome stories and information about the animals, great trivia and oldtime music and every older adult could become a kid again with their kids to go back in time with the music and interaction with the animals and games...What an amazing well kept secret to many who don't know about it,,it is a must on your list..and prayers that Sam the giraffe who passed in 2014 and his legacy bring a new giraffe to this facility to continue to delight children, adults, the underprivledged and so many who need to get lost in the world of animals and love....What a day we remember forever,,,thank you...cant wait till next year...we will go back and we will spread the word,,and if we hit the lottery we will buy you a new giraffe,,,,
    From November 6th, 2016 Facebook Review
  2. My husband, our son, and our two friends went to the idle hour ranch last night and went through the flashlight maze and it was AWESOME! The maze was educational and challenging all at the same time. We have gone to Tom's maze for some years and believe IHR is better, not to mention the family who runs it are very friendly. I will absolutely be coming back to view all the animals during the day, as you can tell that is where IHR true passion lies.
    From October 2nd, 2016 Facebook Review
  3. What a treasure for Troy! If you're living around Troy and you're not a season pass holder, you are missing out big time! I just moved here this summer and was looking for something to do with my 18 month old daughter. We love coming here every week. My daughter loves feeding the animals, swinging on the swings, playing in the water table, petting the baby pigs and the skunk, playing in the corn "sand" box, sliding down the slide, and running in the corn maze. The value of this place is exceptional; so much "bang" for your buck. The family is so sweet and truly cares for their animals! I get a new story about a different animal every week. Thank you for what you do for the animals, and thank you for creating such a safe and fun place for the community!
    From Sept 24th, 2016 Facebook Review
  4. GO TO THIS PETTING ZOO. It's Idle-Hour Ranch in troy, Ohio and admission is only $12 for adults, $10 for kids and 2 and under are free :) it tops a traditional zoo or petting zoo because you can pet and feed unique animals (kangaroos, camels, etc) the atmosphere is GREAT and the staff is super friendly - the owner is a hilarious, genuine man that truly deserves every penny you will spend here. the animals are healthy, lively, interactive and you can tell they are very well taken care of :) there are places to sit in the shade, too PLEASE JUST GO AND ENJOY YOURSELF it's a great summer or fall day trip and all u Daytonians need to visit !! Nothing to say but good things, thanks for many years of great memories :) please share and get the word out about this awesome place!
    From July 25th, 2016 Facebook Review
  5. The small price to get in so I can pet a baby kangaroo was enough reason for me to come back! Most definitely a better experience than a zoo because you get a more up close and personal view of the animals. Getting to pet/feed some of them is also a major plus haha would recommend for people of all ages.
    Anonymous - Aug 2015
  6. This letter is long overdue. About Five years ago, I had lost my position with the company I was working for and our finances were the tightest I can ever remember. We were within days of losing our electricity and the pantry was bare. If it had not been for the generosity of Idle Hour Ranch and your benevolence fund we would have not made it through the tough time. The money given to our family from the Idle Hour Ranch benevolence fund allowed us to keep our electricity on and feed the family. Since then, I started my own business and we have truly been blessed to the point that we have been able to help others in need just as you helped us in our time of need. The Idle Hour Ranch is such an uplifting organization and we wish you continued success and growth. Thank you and God Bless
    Brian C. - Tipp City - March 28, 2009
  7. Our family had such an amazing time at at the IHR Sunday! We are lucky to have this little piece of paradise in our area! Thanks to you all. We will surely be back before the 2010 season ends and next year, I will be a season ticket holder! : )
    Rene Bechard - August 29, 2010
  8. I am in awe of the ranch. When I discovered this place a couple years ago it felt like coming "home". It's where I come in the Summer to de-stress and revert to be a little kid again full of excitement & wonder. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing ranch and the wonderful way you treat your animals ♥
    Charne Amber Shough - June 9, 2009
  9. Visited for the first time today. What a wonderful place. Music from the 40's and 50's, great animals on display, friendly helpful staff. It was like stepping back to a kinder, gentler era, where families gather and have a great time. An oasis in the country away from the mad, mad world.
    Kathy Utz
  10. Hosted my daughter's 6th birthday here! She and her friends had on incredible time! Parents enjoyed themselves as well! Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable and the animals were great. Camel rides were a favorite as well as feeding the animals! Thanks for a wonderful experience, we will be back!!!
    Anonymous - Aug 2015
  11. I wish I lived here. Of course, the animals are a real treat. They are very attentive and they love people. Don't ask me to pick a favorite because I can not. Very few animals are off limits for hands on contact. You come for the animals but you stay for the atmosphere. What people don't seem to understand is that the sir and missus that run this place, this isn't an attraction to make money off of. This is their home. They are inviting you into their home to share a slice of their lives. The man (I can't believe I still haven't asked your name yet!) Is endlessly interesting. I could talk to him for hours. He is very intimidating at first but he is a big teddy bear who really loves his animals. He will tell you over and over, this is not his job and it does not pay his bills. He works a full time job and then takes care of the animals 24/7. He knows each and every animal like they are best friends. I am so saddened that not enough people go. This really is an unforgettable experience. What's even worse is there are people that actually bad mouth these folks. If you talk to the owner, which I promise you he is out and ready to mingle, he has no problem answering any and every comment, question, or concern. I have seen people considered about the cage sizes but what you do not realize is what you don't see. These are simply display cases for the few hours that they are open and most of them do not live in those spaces. I really can't say enough good about this place. You just need to be there. It is an animal lovers paradise.
    July 27, 2018 Facebook Review - Ashley Hilt
  12. My fiancé and I randomly decided to go one day and we were pleasantly surprised. The staff is so friendly and knowledgable. They really welcome you in and make sure you have a great time. The animals are incredible and you can tell that they are loved and taken care of. It is reasonably priced for all that you get to do. I brought to the owners attention that a tiny goat was running around and he laughed. He explained that he made the fence like that. Same with the piglets. They run around and you really feel connected with the animals in a fun and safe environment. Everyone should visit this wonderful place. We will definitely be back.
    July 8, 2018 Facebook Review - Bobbi-Jo Ellen Myers
  13. This place is awesome! I can’t believe I have lived 20 min away and never been to this hidden gem! Staff was very friendly, and there were lots of different animals. We bought the small bucket of feed which was plenty for my family of three and we very much enjoyed our visit! We will be back!
    July 1, 2018 Facebook Review - Angela Ashburn
  14. Best day ever !!!! We did a sloth encounter with Qeenie all I can say is Yay !!!! We totally loved it and enjoyed feeding all the different animals. You guys are amazing thank you so much for allowing us to be apart of your lives for a day.
    August 3, 2018 Facebook Review - Felicia Pierce
  15. We had my son's third birthday party here. The staff allowed us to set up early before they opened, which was really nice of them! If you host a party with food, I suggest bringing covers due to the flies (which are to be expected on a farm with live animals!). We had full access to a pavilion that is surrounded by critters for the kids to look at. No where else can you get up close and personal with such a wide variety of animals! We felt welcome to pet and play with the zoo's furry family until our hearts were content. My kids, friends, and extended family had a great time. I recommend going as soon as they open. Special thanks to the lovely volunteer with the white bird, as she was an excellent host.
    July 7, 2018 Facebook Review - Brittani Sparks Eales
  16. Went today for my first time. My 7year old nephew saved up his birthday money to meet queenie the sloth! I highly recommend visiting and if you love sloths doing the encounter. I will be back again for sure. Also make sure you get the food buckets the animals love it and it's a great way to get some of the animals closer :)
    August 5, 2018 Facebook Review - Emily Marie Wright
  17. Sunday was our first time to the ranch. My husband took me for just a nice day outing. We both had the best time!!!! Everyone working went out of there way to be helpful and answer questions. The owner could not have been nicer and he was very educational! I loved feeding the animals and they were all very friendly and loving and very well taken care of- the piglets just made my day!!! We will definitely be back and tell all our friends and family about it. Thank you IHR for making it such a wonderful and special day!!!
    Oct 23, 2017 Facebook Review - Joanna Perkins Stitt
  18. We had my granddaughter’s 3rd Birthday Party here and it was great! Everyone, especially they kids had such a wonderful time. Everyone at the Ranch made sure it was a very special day! Best place ever to have a party!!! Thank you Idle Hour Ranch for making it a special day!
    Sept 23, 2017 Facebook Review - Lorie Ryan Wion
  19. My hubby and I brought our granddaughter Madison, to the ranch today. It was our first time but definitely won't be the last. The weather was a tad rainy at first but then cleared up & was a beautiful day. From the moment we entered to pay to get in (VERY reasonable prices) & get our food bucket to feed the animals we knew we'd chosen a great place to be. So many animals that are so well taken care of & happy. I can't even begin to pick a favorite as they are all adorable & special. The staff as well as the owners of all this wonderful-ness are extremely knowledgeable & super friendly. The ranch is so much better than a trip to the zoo for many reasons. Just the ability to be able to interact with so many animals is wonderful. The ranch is definitely not over priced, the photo opportunities with the animals are amazing, I honestly wish I lived there lol. So please go visit, take your family & friends or even go alone and relax with the critters. I promise you will not regret it!!
    August 11, 2018 Review - Tammy Cugliari
  20. I was just there for the corn maze (didn't know about the animals - that will be next trip!), and had the best time! The corn maze is challenging and fun, finding the stations and getting what you need to complete the maze game. There was also a campire, roasting sticks, and movies were being shown on the side of the barn! A great evening out for couples or families!
    Oct 22, 2017 Facebook Review - Crystal Hall
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